Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Reading

People talk about Summer Reading all the time, and devote blogs and articles and web pages to amassing lists in its honor. But I would like to talk about the lesser-known, but perhaps even better, Christmas Vacation Reading. (I know, it doesn't really have the same ring...)

Christmas Vacation Reading happens on those cozy days when you don't take your pj's off but you still want to end the day feeling wonderful. Hopefully there are also some Christmas lights and perhaps a hot drink involved.

End-of-years lists are perfect for Christmas Vacation Reading. I've already found Random House's 2012 list, which is great.

And if you're a fan of YA, or just interested in getting your nieces and nephews something for their Christmas Vacation Reading, Nerdy's list is out and it's terrific:

2012 Nerdy Book Club Nominees. Nothing makes me want to read like these guys.


  1. Love this. Some of the best books of my life were Christmas Vacation Reading.

  2. Agreed! Me too. There's something really magical about it. I can't wait... Thanks, Andi.